Price List

Many breeds are not listed as this is just a guide, but please contact us to discuss further and we will be happy to advise.

Extra Charges

If it is going to take longer to groom your dog, this will be discussed before starting the grooming session as there might be additional charges.

All prices include coat clipping/ trimming, nail clipping, ear plucking, and a bath and groom.

Bathing and grooming are also available with a simple towel dry.

Introductory appointments for puppy grooming are available so that your puppy gets used to the scissors, bath, hairdryer etc and also a cheeky cuddle!

Nails can be trimmed at a cost of £10, whilst the owner waits and normally only will take 10 min’s max.

Top and Tail: free fringe trimming and the opposite end! Still by appointment only

Hand Stripping is available, although an introductory appointment is advisable to discuss, the best time for the coat to be hand stripped and if possible. This appointment is free of charge

Small Breeds     £25.00 – £30.00

Medium Breeds £30.00 – £50.00

Larger Breeds From £50.00

Collection service by arrangement

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